My Digital Detox

I didn’t need another gluten free diet or UltraClear detox.  I needed a digital detox.  A virtual cleanse from the Web World.  And, it was an amazing journey. I was checking Facebook status updates every 10 minutes. Checking Instagram photo feeds. Taking pictures of my own, editing, then posting them. Reading blogs. Creating blog posts. Reading NPR news. Looking at…

Wordless Wednesday

Snuggle time with my girls! Upcoming Posts •Blog award: Most Influential! •And Traveling with a toddler … I’ve been preparing all week… hence my absence from Monday Monologue

A Coloring Book Adventure

My efforts to distract yet another tantrum led to the making of a coloring book. Backstory My toddler begs to watch Peppa Pig. So much that one time I made the mistake of making it a reward for taking a nap. And now, sleep = Peppa. Television was actually something I did not tolerate for…

Tips to Stay Sane

Health tip: I know I’ve said this before, but when consuming any fruits make sure you eat a protein with it, like nuts or eggs. If you are looking for sneaky ways to not gain 1,000 pounds during the holidays–eat snacks throughout the day (one of them consisting of a fruit and protein tied together)….

Tasty Tues: Easy Baked/Stuffed Chicken

The other night I had company over (not a normal occurrence) and I looked in my fridge and let out a sigh. Ugh there is nothing to eat. At this point it was to late for grocery trips. So, I had to make do. I ended up making chicken stuffed with a tomato/basil goat cheese…