More often than not we all get caught up in our worries about the future–whether it’s about our children, finances, or upcoming projects due in the office.  And I think too, we get lost in our regrets of the past– things we didn’t do, forgot to do, or simply things we did wrong. 

That’s why meditation is such a critical component to life.  The reflective parts of our life– is very similar to prayer. It really facilitates awareness in the “here and now” moments.  Enabling us to feel free and relaxed.  And actually (just a side note) meditation is probably more important in this day and age, because of our exposure to technology.  We are multi-tasking now more than ever before and it’s hindering our brains from fully processing and focusing.  Basically our attention spans are down right shitty.  Don’t you think? Mine sure is. 


There are numerous values I want McKinley and Cora to learn, but the truth is– I need to practice and refresh my own meditative state on many of these values in order to teach them properly.  So, I’m going to dedicate each day for the next 6 weeks to a particular value or moral idea and meditate about them. I will be writing about my process and reflective states– if you would like to join along please do!  And make sure to comment below on your own journey.

And, If you haven’t already, please check out my mediation cards (made to order) in my etsy shop for your own personal deck of meditation cards by clicking here ThingsByG 



A postcard from Albania

A postcard arrived in the mail the other day.  All the way from Albania from two of my dearest friends–with a simple, honest, and purely loving message. 

This was the front of the postcard.  Though, the heart of the message was on the backside.  Dear Georgia and Jordan, and then a big circle with another circle inside, and the words true love written in the center. In the outter circle the word illusion was repeated alongside the curve. And then focus.  At the very bottom.

I’ve been thinking about this message for some days now.  And I’ve come to it’s meaning.  For me, we live in a world–this circle– that is full of false realities keeping us from finding the truth.  And the truth is: all we need is love. And to focus on a constant pursuit of finding the truth, and spreading love wherever We can. 

This is precisely why I am sharing this with you now. It was a simple postcard, but carried a profound message–which was the point.  I’m grateful for their endless teachings and warmth. For its not everyday you find enlightenment in your friends.  But I find it time and time again within them. 

My sincerest love to all, 


Ready? Set. Go!

I used to work at a nutrition center and cleansing was a part of our philosophy for healthy living.  Cleansing, or detoxing, is a great way to clean out those allergens and toxins we consume without even knowing.  In the process of cleansing your body, you find that you are more stable, happier, more energized…and the list only goes on.

My last detox was before I got pregnant with McKinley.  So, It’s been awhile. Naturally I’m excited to get back to my normal way of doing things.  HA!  “Normal.”  Okay, there will never be anything normal about my way of doing things 🙂

Obviously there are thousands of different detox programs–elimination diets and candida diets.   I’ve actually done multiple, but I prefer– ones that are to the point. I’m doing a Clear Change 10 day detox.  I figured I’d write about this particular detox process for other people who have heard about, or thought about doing it—and perhaps I can lend some insight.  The writing process is highly recommend during detox programs as means to understanding how certain foods react to one’s body and mind.  And, just so you know–doing a detox is something everyone should mentally prepare and gear up for in advance.

No, I am not on crack.  Rest your suspicions.  Although, the thought, “How can I do a detox with a toddler?” has crossed my mind…several times.

10 days.  Short enough that it’s easy, but long enough that it will do something lasting. My kinda thing.  The particular detox I am doing comes with an UltraClear nutritional beverage, that tastes like powdered crap, and provides nutritional support.  Mmmm. Ready? Set. Go!

Day 1 & 2 No artificial anything.  No sugar. No dairy products. No soy. No meat. No caffeine. No wheat or gluten.  (There is actually  a list of foods to avoid and foods that are recommended, but there is no way I am typing that up).

Uhh yeah, “Holy Crap”  is what I say for day 1 & 2 too.   What can I eat?  Pretty much(with exceptions), all fruits, veggies, beans, nuts/seeds, milk alternatives (almond milk), stevia, quinoa, brown rice, all dry/fresh spices and herbs, oils, herbal teas, and fish.

Day 2: You add the nutritional beverage. 1 scoop twice a day.

For me thinking of meal ideas was extremely easy, but the caffeine headaches?  Not so much.  Oh man, yesterday day 2, was a nightmare.  My whole body was aching.  My head throbbed the entire day.  I had no energy. And, I was really spacey.  Yup- that’s the detox doing it’s job ridding my body of all those toxins.  So, if you experience these symptoms…it’s normal.

I do want to mention, that I slept like a baby night 1 and night 2. I’ve needed sleep for the past couple of weeks, between McKinley screaming, and tossing and turning from my lower back pain.  So, I fully enjoyed the rest.

Below are some meal ideas from day 1 and day 2 of the detox: 

Day 1 lunch idea: Quinoa burgers packed with onions & herbs


Day 1 Dinner idea: Spinach salad with sunflower seeds, walnuts, strawberries, avocados, drizzled with white balsamic, pared with fresh Halibut, and an olive chutney.


Day 2 lunch idea: Gluten free- almond butter sandwich with banana, almond butter, almond milk smoothie.


Day 2 Dinner idea: Stir-fry with Bok choy over brown rice, and Thai spiced Salmon.


Stayed tuned for the rest of the detox… Day 3 tomorrow.

* * Please note, if you are planning on doing a detox, you should speak with a nutritionist or your physician first. * *



How to: Get Cleaning Done

Need help staying organized with all the cleaning and household chores?

As a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) people may think I have time to kill. If you perhaps are one of those folks…let me clear that up for you…Nope. Keeping up with chores and cleaning is a bit of a nightmare, even for a SAHM.

I had to use my organization skills, as well as a bit of my O.C.D tendencies, to help me out.

You can find a household chore list online and print it off, or create your own in a word document by inserting a table.


Once you have a chore list– LAMINATE it! This will enable you to use the same chore list again, again, and again.


Invest in some dry erase markers.


Mark up your chore list with the days you will complete the chore and names of people who will be completing them.

Then hang it on the fridge or somewhere visible for everyone to see!



An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW

We learn we can…

It’s crucial to set goals. We learn vital information about ourselves when we do. We learn to push ourselves, we learn we can, we learn our strengths, we also, learn our limitations and boundaries.

Goal setting is a healthy way to stay organized and give balance to your life; Whether it’s balance between work and home life, or balance within your mind, body, and spirit, it’s gives us a sense of duty and fulfillment.

10 goals for the week:

  • 1. Blog posts, blog posts, & blog posts.
  • 2. Writing two pages (even if it’s total shit) to my memoir
  • 3. Finish the poem I’m currently working on
  • 4. Finish Chalkboard project
  • 5. Visit two parks!
  • 6. Meal plan for next week. (I always seem to wait until Sunday, but it would be delightful to get ahead…just once).
  • 7. Take the bags (that are still sitting in my truck and have been for two weeks) to GoodWill.
  • 8. Wash our gigantic Comforter
  • 9. Finish redoing Work space/play area
  • 10. Yoga, Yoga, & Yoga.

Thanks to Stacey over at Stay at Home Mummy for inspiring this post! Check out her goal list this week: 12 steps towards simplicity I want to Achieve this Week

What are your goals for the week?

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia