Appealing projects actually matter. 

It’s hard to remember, but I constantly forget that the way we visually present projects, or activities to our children—matters.  


And it’s like– wait we aren’t doing enough already? Now we have to make stuff visually appealing too? Let alone actually plan an afternoon “something.”  Yeeeeesh!   

But, I completely understand why.  I mean, it’s the same reason I like certain restaurants.  The ambience makes a difference– and that’s basically the same concept here.  The more inviting a project is, the more likely they will learn more, or get more out of it.


Tips to Stay Sane


Health tip: I know I’ve said this before, but when consuming any fruits make sure you eat a protein with it, like nuts or eggs. If you are looking for sneaky ways to not gain 1,000 pounds during the holidays–eat snacks throughout the day (one of them consisting of a fruit and protein tied together). In doing this you keep your metabolism working and lower the sugar content of the fruit.

Laundry tip: Not only should you make sure all zippers are zipped before throwing anything in the wash or dryer, but hook together those bra straps too! Also, don’t put bras in the dryer, instead hang them up! Otherwise you risk damaging the underwire and shrinking them.

Parenting tip: We all know this one, but sometimes need reminding. Mean what you say and say what you mean. It’s crucial to be consistent! The holidays are a hectic time for schedules, so be patient and plan some extra activities or projects to keep the kiddos engaged.

Mental tip: Practice mindfulness for 10 minutes of your day. Concentrate on your breathing by inhaling slowly counting to 7 and exhaling slowly counting to 7. Repeat and Repeat, and If a thought trickles in bring yourself back to your breath.


Best laundry tip I ever received…

Laundry Quick Tip!

My friend passed along some advice about laundry and I wanted to share it with ya’ll! Oh, and it saved a nice dent in my pocket.  Have you ever put on your favorite shirt or pair of pants and realized there is a new hole? Or snag? Snag — is that the right word?

Yeah.. so next time you put your load into the washer—check everything that has a zipper and make sure you zip that zipper up!  That’s what snags your clothes in the washer and dryer.

The things we wish we knew right!? Now you do!


Snacking? Healthy Combos:

On Snacking

Youngsters eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Some where along the way adults were told to eat 3 big meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What happened to snacking? Folks, having light snacks throughout the day actually helps keep your metabolism working hard. I’m not saying graze all day AND have your 3 big meals. More like have 5 mini meals.

Nut & Fruit Combo. I was always told, when you eat fruits to combined them with a protein (i.e. nuts, or eggs). Simply put: fruits are high in sugar, so when we combine them with a protein it lowers the sugar content.

It’s simple to make one of your mini meals, or snacks everyday a fruit and a nut combo. There are numerous fruit & nut combos you can do.

Hard-boiled eggs & fruit. Hard-boiled eggs are easy to make. Boil in water for 10 minutes. Wha-la!

A Special trick my mother taught me: when cooking hard-boiled eggs take one of the prongs on a fork and poke a tiny hole at the base of the egg. This allows for the water to cook around the egg and make peeling the shell A LOT easier!


An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW

Raising the Bar


Need a fresh idea?

Try making a salad bar out of your muffin tin! Use foil and save for side salads with your meals throughout the week. This is awesome for menu planning for the week! Quick, easy, and a great way to let children choose.

~The chance for growth is infinite~