Monday Milestone

McKinley plays guitar: Everyday for the past two weeks McKinley has been going over to the guitar and strumming it. And in those moments, I’d think to myself, I have to start playing again— dad would want me to—I’ll feel him with me. But I haven’t picked up the guitar. When I drive, I sing. Ohh,…

“We’re going to have a party!”

McKinley talking about our upcoming road trip to Kansas. We are currently attempting to pack and our departure is later this evening. For everyone who is traveling for the holidays this year- have a safe and wonderful trip!!

The Snowman.

Just a quick adorable video of McKinley and her first snowman.

Monday Milestone: McKinley Reads!

Okay, McKinley is not “reading reading,” but she can distinguish the words by color!  And  later I rewrote all the words in the same color (black) and she was able to distinguish some of them. It was so special for her to read a word!  And of course… I made her show off to daddy,…

Toddler Transfer

    Water Sponge Transfer. This Montessori toddler activity is really simple and informative! I classify this activity under “math/science.”  It teaches a bit of practical life, eye/hand coordination, and of course squeezing. Supplies:  2 bowls or Tupperware containers water Tray sponge Directions:  Set up water in one of the containers, and put both bowls…