I waited impatiently for the phone to ring. And when it finally did my mother’s somber voice didn’t prepare me.  Even when something is anticipatory it still comes as a f-cking shock. My dad had gone in for an MRI of his brain. Everyone told us it was probably nothing. We expected his cognitive issues…

Movie Monday: More Moments

Sounds, special outings, and some twirls…yup, it’s another McKinley Movie. I’ve spent the past couple weeks with the time that I’ve had to pull together clips of McKinley.  Now I can show you what McKinley’s been up to and how fast she’s been growing!!  Enjoy.

A Human Experience

This morning was peaceful. Grandpa pulled out the ole guitar. And it’s been awhile since he’s done that.  He even said, “I’ve just had an urge for pickin’.” Then my mother jumped in with her banjo.  and in seconds we were singing, She’ll be comin’ round the mountain. An awing moment.  My parents are baby-boomin’-spirit…

Milestone: 1 YEAR

Happy Birthday McKinley! McKinley is truly an amazing daughter. I know I know…every parent thinks their child is amazing and wonderful and the best. But duh, if a parent didn’t feel like that about their children then I would be confused…possibly even concerned. McKinley has grown into this free spirited little girl. My little hippie….

First Steps

McKinley has started to stand on her own!!  On January 30th McKinley took her first steps. Check out the video below (In this video she pushes her toy, does lots of dancing, and then at the end takes her  few first steps): ~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia