McKinley loves her time of solitude. As I slowly sip my coffee and scan other blogs, I hear her high pitch sounds and babbling conversations with toys as she peacefully plays in her playpen for 25 minutes.  I give her time of solitude.  A time where she is free to explore without a frantic-hovering mother….

Generations Part II : Silly

What does it mean to be a woman?  Better yet, what does it mean to be a women today in our Westernized society?  These are critical questions.  Critical questions my mother challenged and empowered me to answer.  Still her fighting voice ignites inside me. Not everyone experiences a mother-daughter relationship.  And not everyone who has…

McKinley Moments

There are so many moments in a day. And so little time to capture all of them!! Here are a few great moments for all those far away —  

Working Hard & Hardly Working

We all complain to some degree over the amount of “hard work” we do, are doing, or have to do.  People attempt the joke, Are you working hard, or hardly working?  And we roll our eyes and think, Original.  We simultaneous do both; we are always working hard, and hardly working.  You say, But, that’s…