More often than not we all get caught up in our worries about the future–whether it’s about our children, finances, or upcoming projects due in the office.  And I think too, we get lost in our regrets of the past– things we didn’t do, forgot to do, or simply things we did wrong. 

That’s why meditation is such a critical component to life.  The reflective parts of our life– is very similar to prayer. It really facilitates awareness in the “here and now” moments.  Enabling us to feel free and relaxed.  And actually (just a side note) meditation is probably more important in this day and age, because of our exposure to technology.  We are multi-tasking now more than ever before and it’s hindering our brains from fully processing and focusing.  Basically our attention spans are down right shitty.  Don’t you think? Mine sure is. 


There are numerous values I want McKinley and Cora to learn, but the truth is– I need to practice and refresh my own meditative state on many of these values in order to teach them properly.  So, I’m going to dedicate each day for the next 6 weeks to a particular value or moral idea and meditate about them. I will be writing about my process and reflective states– if you would like to join along please do!  And make sure to comment below on your own journey.

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How to: Cancer Party

“In loving memory of every cancer patient, family and friends who have lost the battle of cancer and the ones who continue to conquer it”

It’s not everyday people throw cancer themed parties.  If someone you know and love is up against Chemotherapy/Radiation possibly a cancer themed party is the perfect way to send them off into battle.

1. Cancer Ribbons

  • Ribbon (preferably the color associated with the particular cancer) Ex: breast cancer = pink
  • Hot glue gun
  • stickers
  • Colored pins


Great way to spread awareness! And give something to your guests to show support!

2. Cancer Themed Food

  • Colored paper
  • glue stick
  • address labels to print on
  • took pics
  • tape


We made name tags for the different types of food and nibbles we were serving.  “Courageous Cheese” and “Motivating M&Ms”.

This is a bite awkward, but after all it is also a Cancer a themed party.

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia