A Meaningful Children’s book–finally published. 

Dear bloggers and faithful followers! My book has finally been published!  It’s been a long and slow two years. BUT with my newest publication Going Through A Maze I thought It would be a good idea to venture down memory lane–Why I wrote the book and how it came to be.  

For those who havn’t followed me in the process– I wrote this children’s book during a difficult time, while I was caring for my sick father. 
This book is based on the love and friendship built between a grandfather and granddaughter. It depicts the reality of a family member or friend struggling with cancer in a simplistic way that is appropriate for young and older audiences. The story ultimately is meant to help prompt difficult conversations with children relating to cancer or any serious illness. 

Here are a few past blog posts I wrote from the time my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, to his passing, and then my grieving. 

Please fellow bloggers I need your help.  Repost this and help me spread the word.  Portions of this book are donated to cancer research.  
You can purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other participating bookstores. Available in paperback or ebook. 

All my love & many thanks in advance,


Quick Thanks

I wanted to thank all of my dedicated readers and followers, and those of you who just stop by occasionally to read. You guys keep me going and are the reason I’m blogging! I also, wanted to thank those bloggers that I follow and adore! You guys inspire me to no end!


Adventure Walk- Craft Outcome!

We finally got around to doing our “adventure walk” craft with all our interesting collectables from the outdoors!


We peeled back a pinecone and used them to make pedals for a flower!


This one is called “big and little.” Big pinecone and little pinecone. Big leaf and little leaf!


Another Blogger Nomination!

It’s been a little over a month since my last post.   And since then, a fellow blogger and friend, Sophie has nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogger award.  Sophie’s blog is amazing, check it out at mommytrainingwheels.  Her most recent post on stress-free parenting rocks!  Thank you for this nomination Sophie!



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Super Sweet Questions.

1. Cookies or Cake?

Cookies…and not just any cookies.  Chocolate chip…semi cooked and gooey.  

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate. Chocolate. And then add more chocolate. 

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Chocolate lava cake with the warm gooey chocolate center.  

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

Currently everyday.  At the end of my day when I plop down with a glass of wine I tend to start thinking about sugar. 

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? 

Lava Lover. I just made that up. 

My nominees. These blogs I read often and are super sweet status.  I was able to find some new blogs to read as well!  I’m sure some of them have already been nominated, but oh well. 

Thanks to these blogs for being inspiring, honest, and helpful! 



Forever Freeing: A poem

The truth?

I’m scared. I often am.

Scared to meet new people,

and go new places.

But, I do it.

Facing our fears is important.

The truth?

Staying at home is hard.

Chasing a picky eater, and

barking dogs.

But, I’ll do it.

Sacrificing is enlightening.

The truth?

My life is truly blessed.

With love, family, spirit, laughter—

and knowledge.

And, I’m thankful.

The truth is forever freeing.

An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW