Monday Monologue: “Uh-Oh Meme”

Okay, McKinley is 18-months-old now.  We should probably talk about what that means.   And…more what that entails for Mama G (a.k.a me).  18-months is a big milestone.  The reason people say, “she is 17 months” or “She is 8-months now” is because infant’s cognitive and physical development is vastly different from month to month….

Discipline Don’ts

If you’re a first time parent, or a parent of five children, learning how to discipline your children can be a tricky process to learn. How do you do it? Is one parent the good cop and the other the bad cop? Applying multiple parenting strategies can allow us to be more well-rounded parents. Parenting…

“Clean up…Clean up”

McKinley gets into everything. Not only does she manage to take everything out of the toy bin, but she also manages to pull every book off the bookshelf’s. I don’t mind it so much. I knowingly let McKinley make gigantic messes. And, remember… I have strong O.C.D. tendencies. Why then? I can’t help it, she…

First Play Date

McKinley had her first play date! YAY! I’ve been dying to get her out and meet some other babies & children. It’s hard sometimes. The hours go by fast. Diaper changes, eating, toys, cleaning, eating, napping… it’s this cycle. I’m seriously like one of those rats in the wheel. Just goin’ through the motions ya’ll….

Crayons can be humbling

McKinley & crayons! I’m ecstatic that McKinley is starting to color. I’m an artsy gal- so I’ve been strongly looking forward to sharing that passion with her. The minute I gave her the crayons her whole being lit up with joy. It was humbling to see.   ~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia