How to: First Birthday Party

Planning can be overwhelming.  Who do you invite? How long should the party last? The cake, the invitations, the theme…oh and scheduling around snacks and naps… exhale. The first birthday is special.  Granted, it’s not like they will remember it or anything, but it’s still special.  A right of passage for both the parents and…

Sippy Nightmare.

Okay, what’s the deal? I do not need 3,000 choices of sippy cups to choose from.  It’s actually frightening how many they sell at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R’US. I seem to have trouble with all of them.  Either they spill all over the place, or you buy the ones that don’t spill and…

Milestone: 1 YEAR

Happy Birthday McKinley! McKinley is truly an amazing daughter. I know I know…every parent thinks their child is amazing and wonderful and the best. But duh, if a parent didn’t feel like that about their children then I would be confused…possibly even concerned. McKinley has grown into this free spirited little girl. My little hippie….

How to: Puppet Theater

I love everything theater.  Acting, casting, directing, staging, lighting, blocking… you name it.   Always have and always will. When I saw this huge box my imagination came to life.  I thought, this would make an awesome puppet theater.  Step 1: Find an old box from the basement, from a big shipment, or a moving…

Snow Angel

McKinley first snow experience: marvelous We were outside for all of 5 minutes because it was freezing and McKinley couldn’t really do much. She loved the beautiful crisp winter breeze and sparkling snow. Next time: sledding. ~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia