Morning Conversations 

Sometimes, Monday mornings are rough. You know, rolling out of bed groggy while attempting to re-establish weekday routines. Playing out the idea of hooky on a Monday inside your head.  Wishing to sink back into your pillow. Little things can feel rushed Monday morning. Like, conversations with your three-year-old. (Almost four-year-old).   

Over peanut-buttered-jelly toast and applesauce McKinley discussed her dream to me.  And we didn’t rush.  

“Were you by the pink and blue hydrangeas last night?” McKinley asked. 

I played along, “Oh yes! I was.” 

“And did you see Papa? He was playing with me in my dreams last night!”  (She is referring to my late father who passed away). 

“Oh really?! What were you guys doing?” 

“Papa was pushing us on the swings, but I was younger,” says McKinley very grown up. 

Sometimes it stirs these bottomless emotions inside me, but other times it brings comfort knowing he visits her. Still keeping us all safe. Still staying close.  


First Publication!

My whole life I have wanted to be published.

Finally the moment has come and I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, I’m extremely giddy.  I remember having a paper I wrote on female infibulation in the 10th grade being published, but it was a publication our school created… so I dunno- do you count that?

McKinley Milestones is spotlighted as one of Central Ohio’s best parenting blogs in the March issue of Columbus Parents Magazine! YAY! Click to read the featured post: Traditions


To be honest, I questioned my ability and ‘worthiness’ of being a writer, especially after being turned down from other contests and submissions.  And yes, every writer should know that they WILL be turned down… that’s inevitable; however, it doesn’t change how it makes you feel.

But, I never stopped writing.  So no matter how cliché this sounds it’s 100% true:

Dreams are always worth chasing,

Always worth the time, and

It’s never to late.

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia