The First Snow

McKinley enjoyed Ohio’s first snowfall of the season. *Made her first snow angel, *Threw snow in the air, *Made footprints everywhere, *Tasted friendly snowflakes, *Rolled around in the snow, and *Threw snowballs! I enjoyed the first snowfall as well. The first snow, Always gorgeous. Smooth and dusted. White, Like Heaven. Angels– Snow angels! Snowmen, snowball…

McKinley’s First Halloween

McKinley’s first Halloween was not as festive as we hoped it would be. Although, she is only 7.5 months. It’s not like she can say, “trick or treat,” or enjoy a delicious mini Twix, Butterfinger, or Snickers candy. McKinley did however, dress up as her favorite character from her nap time story book called, Caterpillar spring….