One thing at a time.  

It’s days like yesterday when I miss dad the most.  The long grey-color-pallet days of winter and the feeling of 1,000 things gone wrong. Just wrong. All my mistakes and shortcomings and the mistakes and shortcomings of others.

I just need to talk to him. “Dad, I’m having a hard time,” but that’s not actually what I would say.  

It would be a phone call and he would pick up, “Gorrrrdita!” rolling out the “r” for an exaggerated effect. (I forget how, where, and when that nickname actually came to be). His excitement to hear from me is warming, but my heart accelerates and my breath is heavy–

“Hey Dad,” with an exhale.  

“What’s goin’ on?” he says casually to not be presumptuous. But come on–he knows. He always knows. The wooshing wind from his rolled down window distracts me.  No matter what season it is his window is down and  he’s driving—always driving.  

“I dunno. Not much,” I mumble. 

“Uh-huh, well don’t put too much stalk into what other people say.”

“I know.  It’s just…I know. You’re right dad.”

He continues, “Seriously Don’t let other people dictate things for you.  Fuck em.” 

Dad had a way of making things seem OK again. I remember a night 3 years ago after the birth of McKinley.  My anxiety level was at a new high.

I called to talk to mom first, because they worked best as a team.  

“What’s the matter?” mom asks softly. 

Working through my sniffles, “I don’t know if I can do this. It’s too much.” 

“Oh Georgia, of course you can.  I know It’s not easy–trust me!  But, you are going to be an amazing mother.” 

Then dad.

“What’s goin’ on?”

“I don’t think I’m ready for this.” 

“Well, shit–you never are.” 

“What am I gonna do when she’s 15? How am I supposed to teach her right from wrong?” 

“Well, just take it one thing at a time. Don’t think about 15…She’s not even 1 month.  Every age and stage is different.  Don’t think or worry about it until you get there.”

I also miss dad on days like today– when the sun is finally starting to break through. When something happy happens and you get that good news

We’re moving into our first home. No extended family this time.  Just our immediate family unit. 4 elements under 1 roof.  And a dog. 

Dad would have embraced me in his tight hug, kissed my forehead, and whispered, “I’m so proud of you kiddo.”  And, he would have said that on my worst days too. 

A “To Do” Craft


I was looking for a cute way for McKinley to have a visual aid of her chores, and be excited about doing them. (Yes, my 21-month-old helps with chores). Best little helper ever!! Teaching responsibility and allowing toddlers and kids to do things on their own can actually reduce the amount they “act out”, or throw tantrums. They simply enjoy the independence! This also acts as a great craft activity for the kiddos!

*Door knob hangers (you can probably *get from Michaels or JoAnne Fabrics)
*Water cup
*Letter stickers


1. Paint 2 door handles (different colors)
2. Paint close pins
3. Let everything dry

4. Add letter stickers to close pins

5. Choose different chores for your kids and toddlers. Here is our chore List:
*Dressing (getting dressed)
*Cleaning up (putting toys away)
*Making the bed
*Brushing (hair and teeth)
*Feeding the dogs
*Loading and unloading dishwasher

6. Let one door hanger be the “To Do” and the other one “Done.”

McKinley had a blast finger painting the clothespins! Since then, everyday she has been excited to do chores (so she can move a clothespin!) I’ve realized too, that the moving of the clothespin is an awesome activity for gross motor skills.


How to: Get Cleaning Done

Need help staying organized with all the cleaning and household chores?

As a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) people may think I have time to kill. If you perhaps are one of those folks…let me clear that up for you…Nope. Keeping up with chores and cleaning is a bit of a nightmare, even for a SAHM.

I had to use my organization skills, as well as a bit of my O.C.D tendencies, to help me out.

You can find a household chore list online and print it off, or create your own in a word document by inserting a table.


Once you have a chore list– LAMINATE it! This will enable you to use the same chore list again, again, and again.


Invest in some dry erase markers.


Mark up your chore list with the days you will complete the chore and names of people who will be completing them.

Then hang it on the fridge or somewhere visible for everyone to see!



An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW

“Clean up…Clean up”

McKinley gets into everything.

Not only does she manage to take everything out of the toy bin, but she also manages to pull every book off the bookshelf’s. I don’t mind it so much. I knowingly let McKinley make gigantic messes. And, remember… I have strong O.C.D. tendencies.

Why then? I can’t help it, she enjoys doing it. Of course I say “no” at appropriate times, like when she is playing with electrical chords.


I have instituted the clean-up song. We sing at the end of the day, sometimes mid-day before her afternoon nap. We pick up and put away her toys. A.K.A. anything and everything. We sing (rather I sing):

“Clean up, clean up, Everybody every where.

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!”

Granted she may be to young to understand and help, but hey it never hurts to institute things early on. This song will be my saving grace. One day. Hopefully. 🙂



An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW

Basil Chicken

IMG_7248This meal is extremely easy and really tasty!


  • Chicken
  • 1/2 cup Chopped Basil (you can use those basil tubes at the grocery store if you want (2tb spoons)
  • 1 can of Stewed tomatoes


1. Put oil in pan on medium heat.

2. Slice up chicken into strips, then add to the pan.

3. Cook chicken alone for about 2 minutes on each side, then add in the can of stewed tomatoes.

4. Add in basil, a bit of salt and pepper, and let the chicken finish cooking- and soaking in all the yummy flavor.

You can serve this over mashed yukon gold potatoes for a warm hearty stew like meal.



An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW