Scheduling & Routines

I’m one of those moms who believe children (and people in general) need a routine. We just tend to function better. In being a therapist previously, I have seen first hand how building a routine can be quite helpful in ones environment, achievement, and over-all health. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be strict…

Milestone: 1 YEAR

Happy Birthday McKinley! McKinley is truly an amazing daughter. I know I know…every parent thinks their child is amazing and wonderful and the best. But duh, if a parent didn’t feel like that about their children then I would be confused…possibly even concerned. McKinley has grown into this free spirited little girl. My little hippie….

Babbling Baby

Babbling babies are breath taking. Hello alliteration. Mckinley has reached another Milestone my friends!! She first said “dada” on October 25th. She said, “Mama” on November 6th. Now she says mama, dada, and baba like it ain’t no thang. Here is a quick video taken October 30th of her saying “dada.”