Analytical Reasoning of 3 year olds. 

McKinley asks, “Where does Meme live?” 

“Reynoldburg,” I say. 

“Where is Reynoldsburg?”

“In Columbus.”

“Where is Columbus?”


“Where is Ohio?”

“In the United States.”

“Where is the United States?”

“The world.”

“Where is the world?”

“Outter space.”

“So that means I’m in Outter space!  I can’t handle myself in outer space.”


Mail Time

Okay, who doesn’t love getting mail?  I’m pretty sure everyone gets excited when there’s a letter for them in the mailbox.  It gives us this warm fuzzy feeling that we’re somewhat important, right?  

But three year olds receiving mail….is a whole new level of fuzzy feelings.  Joy on an extreme level.   

Here–The joy of a three year old receiving mail: 


Okay, so the apple doesn’t fall far. 

“Hiiiiii Momm! Guess what? I bothered all my friends today during rest time!” McKinley excitedly pronounces this to the world first thing when she sees me in the car pick up line. 

Her boisterous attitude reminds me of someone else I know. Hmmm.  Yup, I remember the good ol’ days. 

I remember vividly laying on a blue rest mat using my headband as glasses and pretending to be an alien.  ?  Yeah, I’m not sure why either—I didn’t get a “fuzzy ball” that day. Or all the other days I bothered my friends.

McKinley’s loud and spunky attitude (now that she is in school) has been bringing back a flood of memories.  But, I’ll have to touch more on that later, because she’s litterally starting to strip down to her birthday suit outside. 


Wordless Wednesday



“Clean up…Clean up”

McKinley gets into everything.

Not only does she manage to take everything out of the toy bin, but she also manages to pull every book off the bookshelf’s. I don’t mind it so much. I knowingly let McKinley make gigantic messes. And, remember… I have strong O.C.D. tendencies.

Why then? I can’t help it, she enjoys doing it. Of course I say “no” at appropriate times, like when she is playing with electrical chords.


I have instituted the clean-up song. We sing at the end of the day, sometimes mid-day before her afternoon nap. We pick up and put away her toys. A.K.A. anything and everything. We sing (rather I sing):

“Clean up, clean up, Everybody every where.

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!”

Granted she may be to young to understand and help, but hey it never hurts to institute things early on. This song will be my saving grace. One day. Hopefully. 🙂



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