Tips to Stay Sane

Health tip: I know I’ve said this before, but when consuming any fruits make sure you eat a protein with it, like nuts or eggs. If you are looking for sneaky ways to not gain 1,000 pounds during the holidays–eat snacks throughout the day (one of them consisting of a fruit and protein tied together)….

Wordless Wednesday…kinda not really

My slacking on posting is due to holiday preparation. This year is a year of “Firsts” without dad, and a year of “Firsts” with McKinley. 1. McKinley and I made Santa letters! 2. We did get around to putting up and decorating the trees. McKinley was very helpful. She likes the lights 🙂 3. And…

The Snowman.

Just a quick adorable video of McKinley and her first snowman.

Curriculum: Color Sorting

Curriculum: Color Sorting Activity  This is a fun activity to do with your toddler! This exercise helped McKinley learn her colors and it kept her entertained for a solid 20 minutes.   Category: Sensory  Supplies:  Cupcake tin pan (any size) Colored foam Small container to hold objects or shapes Scissors Directions: 1) Take cupcake tin…