Okay, so the apple doesn’t fall far. 

“Hiiiiii Momm! Guess what? I bothered all my friends today during rest time!” McKinley excitedly pronounces this to the world first thing when she sees me in the car pick up line. 

Her boisterous attitude reminds me of someone else I know. Hmmm.  Yup, I remember the good ol’ days. 

I remember vividly laying on a blue rest mat using my headband as glasses and pretending to be an alien.  ?  Yeah, I’m not sure why either—I didn’t get a “fuzzy ball” that day. Or all the other days I bothered my friends.

McKinley’s loud and spunky attitude (now that she is in school) has been bringing back a flood of memories.  But, I’ll have to touch more on that later, because she’s litterally starting to strip down to her birthday suit outside. 


Monday Monologue

It’s freezing in Geneva, Ohio. We’re on the lake. Duh…of course it’s freezing in May.

McKinley has been throwing mini tantrums all morning, but only when we come back inside the cozy semi-warm cabin. Hardwood floors and heat blasting in every room, yet still there’s a chill in the air.

Yesterday, and the day we arrived in Geneva, McKinley turned 14-months-old. Jordan reminded me that she’s Disney close. Which means in like half a year she’ll be able to watch disney movies on repeat. We’re excited.

She loves being outside even if it’s 20 degrees colder. The sensory stimulation is fascinating. The wind blowing on her face, bright green blades of grass, and her favorite, birds chirping and flying around.

Mommy on the other hand (today anyways), prefers the semi-warm cabin. The blizzard like air is not appealing to an under-packed and under-prepared mother. Yup, coatless and possibly dumb. Oh well, I’m the baby today.

Jordan and McKinley are napping off breakfast from the best diner I’ve ever been too–they literally serve you full plates of sarcasm and good company. We’ll be returning tomorrow morning.

Me? Coffee in hand and cuddled in front of the fake furnace under my favorite Restoration Hardware blanket– iPhone typing my Monday monologue post.

Ahhhhhh Vacation.