Appealing projects actually matter. 

It’s hard to remember, but I constantly forget that the way we visually present projects, or activities to our children—matters.  


And it’s like– wait we aren’t doing enough already? Now we have to make stuff visually appealing too? Let alone actually plan an afternoon “something.”  Yeeeeesh!   

But, I completely understand why.  I mean, it’s the same reason I like certain restaurants.  The ambience makes a difference– and that’s basically the same concept here.  The more inviting a project is, the more likely they will learn more, or get more out of it.


😘The Kiss Box 😘

Many parents work long hours through the week.  And as much as we don’t want to believe it–it’s just hard on our little critters.  They miss us. Constantly.  At least in our household McKinley misses her father day in and day out.

The book, The Kiss Box by Bonnie Verburg and Henry Cole is a great story that illustrates to children how as parents our love is just as strong even when we’re away.   And nowadays so many parents have to work outside the home.

The story helps initiate conversations about feelings, and in this case feelings of “missing.”   And, it  provides wonderful ways to send each other love, or in the book “kisses,” when being a part from one another.  In the story Mama Bear and Little Bear create “kiss boxes” as a way to send each other kisses when they were a part from each other.

McKinley and I decided we wanted to create our own kiss boxes, as a way to send each other love when we needed it.  This turned out to be a truly meaningful, engaging, and fun project– Naturally, I had to share.

Inside the boxes we put random things.  McKinley cut up fabrics and different textured paper as little sheets to represent love and kisses. I cut tiny hearts out of tissue paper.  When it comes to love the possibilities are endless.


How to: Chalkboard


Making a chalkboard is easier than I thought it would be.

I decided a chalkboard was a great idea to put up against the wall… seeing how McKinley will soon be drawing on them anyways.


You have options. You can buy chalkboard paint (and it comes in different colors) or chalkboard spray-paint.  There is no difference other than $ price. It’s cheaper for the spray paint.

You can spray paint on different surfaces but chalkboard is usually made with slate, or plywood.  I purchased plywood from Menards.

If you buy plywood you will need to also buy Primer. I purchased specifically “Bulls eye 1-2-3 primer for all surfaces” spray paint.


  • Chalkboard Spray paint or paint
  • Primer
  • Plywood/ or slate
  • Plastic drop to paint or spray on


1. On a sunny warm day lay out your plastic drop on a flat surface. Then, lay your piece of plywood down. (You may want to put rocks on the edge of your plastic drop incase its windy).

2. Shake well and use the Primer first to spray paint your piece of plywood.  Read the can for directions, but dry time is about 30 minutes.

3. Shake well and use Chalkboard spray paint. Read can for application instructions.  Let dry for about 45 minutes-1 hour.  Apply a SECOND coat and let dry for 45 minutes.

4. Move plywood to another drying place (like the garage) to continue the drying process for at least 18 hours.

5. Use chalk to cover the entire surface area of the chalkboard.


6. Then erase the entire area and your chalkboard is ready to use!


7.  Here I made myself a mini chalkboard at the same time for my desk— to use for goals for the week and upcoming post ideas I want to do!


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