Monday Monologue


I know the holidays are approaching quickly, because everywhere I look there are ads, sales, and decorations. Blahhh. And no shocker—I am behind in my planning.

Maybe it’s because today is Monday, or because I’m feeling under the weather–or the fact that the holidays are so commercialized, but I’m just not pumped up and ready for the holidays to come.

It’s supposed to be this time of year filled with joy, love, and family. And it is! It truly is a magical time. However, I don’t need businesses, commercials, and everyone else jamming it down my throat. We’re suppose to relax–drink hot cocoa–sit around the fire place— play old-school board games–tell each other stories–give hugs, and thank one another for being present. Still, it seems Christmas has become commercialized and it’s ridiculous to me. And in some ways it takes the excitement away.

Although, this year McKinley will be able to rip open some presents and seeing her face light up and hearing her laughter will fill my heart such joy.

Ug! Okay, I’m getting more excited now 😉

Anyways just my inner monday monologue. I’ll let you know when I get around to getting my tree up!