.:Tradition Time:.

It’s that time again! Where we put back on our hiking boots and truck through those hilly muddy terranes.  Throwing discs.  And hearing that familiar clinking sound when our dics fly (hopefully gracefully) into the baskets. 

We just love playing discgolf.  Even if we only manage to get through 7 holes, because McKinley has to use the restroom and Cora is covered in mud.  It’s our family tradition. 

It was Coras first time being able to walk with us and carry a disc. I’m happy to report she shares our enthusiasm! 


Anyone else feeling like it’s already spring? I’ve brought up all my yellow pillows and spring decor from the basement.  Which is risky. Especially living in Ohio. Let’s get real–it might very well snow 5 inches tomorrow, but for now– getting muddy and soaking up the sunshine just feels right


Trip to the Park


It was a chilly day for a park visit. Though the sun broke through the clouds. (I think her sunflower pants helped). Finally some first signs of spring…that groundhog lied.

Not McKinley’s first rodeo, but it’s been a while since she was on a swing. We went to the Academy Park in Gahanna. Pretty cute playground. It had a huge climbing-spider-lookin’ thing… sorry I didn’t get a picture… but It must be some new age thing, because they had nothing like that when I was growing up.


~ The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia


I can practically taste spring.  I’m getting excited for warm adventures.  And adorable spring outfits with all that “baby skin hanging out” as my mother-in-law says.


IMG_7013 IMG_7012 IMG_7011

These outfits represent all the fun our family plans to have this spring and summer!  You can purchase outfits at Gymboree.com

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia