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Monday Monologue: Shed and Shred

Dark, cloudy, mysterious sky. Colorful trees. Cool breeze.  Yup, fall is finally here. And that means that Moccamus is here too! We took our annual trip to Lynd’s Fruit Farm!

McKinley last year with PaPa at Lynd's Fruit Farm

McKinley last year with PaPa at Lynd’s Fruit Farm


McKinley and Dada at Lynd's Fruit Farm 2013

McKinley and Dada at Lynd’s Fruit Farm 2013

Fall days cleanse me. I don’t know why? Probably because fall days match my personality the most.  I know that sounds strange. But, you already know that Fall is my “New Year.”  It’s that time of year for me to shed my woes.  And holy crap… I have some shedding to do.

I’m letting my burdens, my guilt, and my worries slowly fall like the leaves.  I’m trying to anyways. Wouldn’t it be nice if things were that simple?

*Poof* no more worries.

Nope. Letting go is extremely difficult.

I want to let go of my mistakes from my past, the people I’ve hurt, the things I should have, could have, and would have done.  I want to let go of my worries for the future, my worries of judgment, and my worries of life without my father.


I want to open the doorway for new friendships, new opportunities, and new ways of thinking.

Phase One: Write a list of the things you need to let go.

Phase two: Shred the list.





Featured Review: Discgolf

As we move out of the holiday season and into the New Year, we reflect on family traditions. When you become a family, it’s customary to create a family tradition.  In fact, I don’t know any family that doesn’t have some sort of ritual.  One could argue that families against tradition have the tradition of no tradition.

When my husband and I had McKinley, our 9-month-old moving machine, we knew we needed to start thinking . . .  tradition.  What we didn’t realize at the time was that we already had one.  Disc golf.  And, before I explain what disc golf is, let me ask you some critical questions:

Does your family live for adventure? Do you enjoy the fresh outdoors, scenery, and perhaps some exercise?  Are you seriously looking for something new to do and don’t feel like spending money on another membership?  If you’ve answered yes to even one of these questions than you and your family may be interested in playing a round of disc golf.

I consider our family unique because we play disc golf.  When I share this with people, they tend to respond with, “Huh?”  To be fair, I did too when I first met my husband.  He told me he was a “pro disc golf player.”  I chuckled as if there was such a thing.  Now, it’s one of our family’s traditions.


Disc golf is an up and coming sport similar to golf, but utilizes frisbees called “discs” instead of drivers and putters.  There are holes or “baskets” which you attempt to throw the discs into and count each throw as a “stroke.”  This year round sport is great for kids and families of all ages.   Disc golf is generally free to play and the only equipment needed is a disc, which are now available at most sporting goods stores.

There are a handful of disc golf courses in Central Ohio conveniently located at local parks or college campuses. The courses are spread across the Greater Columbus Area at locations including: Blenden Woods, Ohio State, Glacier Ridge, Alum Creek, Simsbury Park, and Hoover Dam (which is our favorite).

Hoover Dam, in Westerville, is truly a place of beauty.  With holes playing down toward a dam perched at the edge of a reservoir or through an evergreen forest, this park allows disc golfers, both new to the game and experienced, to enjoy an afternoon hike.  It’s rare to see a dam, especially in Central Ohio, and makes this an incredible place to go.

And now for a video: 

Maybe you’re in need of a family tradition, have a New Year’s resolution to exercise, or if you’re like my family, simply relish the outdoor life.  Regardless of the reason, disc golf is worth checking out.

What are some of your holiday/family traditions? Please share!

~The chance for growth is infinite~ Georgia

Living with Parents

Everyone has been wondering—What’s it like to be back living with the parents again?  And actually not “everyone” is wondering, I tend to exaggerate. My husband and I are living with my parents while he attends Law school.  Just so we are clear: two married couples, a baby, and three dogs.

Wishing to move out starts sometime in high school when you’re trying to distinguish and create a sense of identity.  Screaming inside your head, “I’m not a child anymore!”   And once you do move out, you are either free from the rules that bound you, or free to create rules to ground you.   But, there is never a real moment when you wish to move back in.

Nowadays it has become a necessity for survival.   With a job that pays over minimum wage it’s almost impossible to support yourself.  $700.00 rent is too high.  Add utilities, cable, Internet, car payment, insurance, telephone, gas, food, and SCHOOL LOANS.  You’re looking at like $2,100-$2,300 a month!  And that’s a rough estimate for a single person.  Now add baby costs, health insurance, and your spouse, oh yeah, and law school.

To be honest, I enjoy living with my parents, because I’m close to them.  And really, to me– it’s a cultural thing.  I appreciate cultures and traditions.  In African American, American Indian, and Hispanic culture living with extended family is normal.

So what’s it like to be living with the parents again?

Well, there is a parade of baby crap everywhere you look. Playpens, high chairs, bouncy chairs, burp cloths, clothes, bottles, and toys.  It’s like a mini frat party- dogs wrestling, people coming and going, and it’s loud.  Though, I’d say it’s quite the blessing in disguise.  Not to say that I love sweaty, gross, loud, annoying frat parties.   I don’t.  But, mini frat parties are my thang.

My financial burdens are eased and my immediate support system has doubled.   One week my husband and I do all the cooking while my parents are on “clean up” duty.  The next week we switch.  We eat like kings.  Check out photos of dinner below.

Veggie Curry with Quinoa

Cajun Fish with a candied walnut, apple, blue cheese, and fennel salad

Jealous right? Mmmm.  What’s on the menu tonight? Peppercorn Pork tenderloin with an orange wasabi kale salad.

Now, I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’s definitely a different feel this time around.  I’m not screaming inside my head.   I’m just so fortunate to have parents who are extremely supportive and welcomed the idea for us to move in with them.   (Let’s be serial here: first grandchild).

If anything, the question should be, what’s it like to have your children move back in?  Are you living with your parents? Or have your children living with you? What has been your experience?