A postcard from Albania

A postcard arrived in the mail the other day.  All the way from Albania from two of my dearest friends–with a simple, honest, and purely loving message. 

This was the front of the postcard.  Though, the heart of the message was on the backside.  Dear Georgia and Jordan, and then a big circle with another circle inside, and the words true love written in the center. In the outter circle the word illusion was repeated alongside the curve. And then focus.  At the very bottom.

I’ve been thinking about this message for some days now.  And I’ve come to it’s meaning.  For me, we live in a world–this circle– that is full of false realities keeping us from finding the truth.  And the truth is: all we need is love. And to focus on a constant pursuit of finding the truth, and spreading love wherever We can. 

This is precisely why I am sharing this with you now. It was a simple postcard, but carried a profound message–which was the point.  I’m grateful for their endless teachings and warmth. For its not everyday you find enlightenment in your friends.  But I find it time and time again within them. 

My sincerest love to all, 


Forever Freeing: A poem

The truth?

I’m scared. I often am.

Scared to meet new people,

and go new places.

But, I do it.

Facing our fears is important.

The truth?

Staying at home is hard.

Chasing a picky eater, and

barking dogs.

But, I’ll do it.

Sacrificing is enlightening.

The truth?

My life is truly blessed.

With love, family, spirit, laughter—

and knowledge.

And, I’m thankful.

The truth is forever freeing.

An Advocate for Change | The chance for growth is infinite

Georgia, MSW, LSW

Definition: Family


Family is powerful.  Powerful was the first word that came to mind, but the word power doesn’t come close to describing what a family truly embodies.


When you type “definition: family into Google, “A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household,” shows up.  This is a crappy definition.


Thefreedictionary.com defines family as, “A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.”

Okay…starting to get warmer, but only because of the word: fundamental.


A New York Times article asked parenting bloggers like myself to define family, and one responded: “Someone that loves you and someone who is there for you no matter what.”

Now we’re a lot warmer.


How can one truly define Family?  Family is a pretty loaded concept with sub-unexplainable concepts attached, like love for instance.  Would you agree?   Yes, the blanket definition for family could be people coexisting together in a household but that doesn’t necessarily embody a “family.”  Even saying, “someone that loves you and is always there for you” doesn’t fully explain the concept. It touches on the fundamental part of family, sure, but explain?

Family is subjective.  In my opinion, defining a family in part depends on the existential experience of the individual and who they feel their family is.  Family is a concept people spend their entire lives trying to find, run away from, create, or expand. Sometimes families have nothing to do with biology, and other times families are bound and created by biology.

Families consist of people who love, support, challenge, and fight for you.  Family stands by your side. Family members advocate, teach, grow, learn, and accept one another’s differences and similarities.  And yet, somehow that doesn’t  100% sum it up 🙂

Special thanks today for all the people that love & support me.  My family.  I appreciate every one of you.

~The chance for growth is infinite!~ Georgia